Two killed in Parachinar clashes Naseer Hussain

January 05 , 2008 Saturday 25 Zil Hajj 1428 A.

PARACHINAR: Three persons were killed five injured as mortar shells were firing from both the sides in the clashes on Friday. According to the sources fighting was going on in Balishkhel,Sada, Alizai, Terimangal and other areas of the agency. As many as 62 persons were killed and 183 injured in various incidents in Sadda, Balashkhel, Alizai, Sangeena, Abrahimzai and Khwar Gali during the period from December 24, 2007 to January 2, 2008 in Kurram Agency. The killed persons namely sye shujaat Hussain and Syed Munir Hussain who were killed in Pevaar, while the injured persons were rushed to the agency headquarter hospital. The sources also said that security forces were trying to control the situation but they seems to be failed in their struggle. The Jirga, which is currently in Sadda, has held talks with Sunni elders on terms and conditions of the Peace agreement on Thursday and significant progress has been made in this regard. The official hoped that the Jirga will succeed in its efforts and the peace agreement would finalised between rival groups for durable peace in Kurram Agency. APP adds: The peace jirga Friday succeeded in brokering ceasefire between the rival groups that ended the 11 days bloody skirmishes in Kurram Agency that claimed lives of 64 people and injuring 140, Zahirul Islam, Political Agent, Kurram Agency said Friday. "The eighteen members jirga comprised members of Sunni and Shia sects constituted by the NWFP Governor made a major breakthrough by holding ceasefire between the warring groups. Both the groups have started vacating trenches and scouts are being deployed to occupy it," Mr Islam told APP. He said that the clashes which were erupted on December 24, 2007 had killed 64 persons and about 140 sustained injuries. He was very optimistic that the truce would be durable and will bring lasting peace to the valley once considered a peaceful abode on earth. The agency's top administer when asked said that patrolling by the security forces on Thall-Parachinar Road has been increased to avoid any untoward mishaps. He said that soon the situation improved, Thall-Parachianr road would be opened for traffic. Asked about possible infiltration of unwanted elements from other areas to Kurram Agency, Mr Islam said that all roads and channels between Kurram Agency and rest of the areas have been blocked and will be opened until the desire goals of bringing peace to the agency was achieved. He said that both the groups have started vacating trenches in restive Sadda, Balishkhel, Alizai, Singeena, Ibrahimzai and Khwar kally badly damaged during the unrest. He said the situation in the Agency remained under control and there was no major fighting or clashes in the Agency in the last couple of days. The political administration and the law enforcing agencies have taken effective measures to secure protection to the lives and properties of common citizens. Security posts have been established in eight different places whereas forces have been deployed in different sensitive areas along the Thall Parachinar road, he added.

By Haji Naseer Hussain


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